Dubai 2010 – Day 10

It’s only 2 days till we leave Dubai, so we want to get some stuff done, although we just want to relax too…
After a quick breakfast with my mom we went down to the beach and spent a few hours in the sun. It’s just so nice to lay there and not do anything, read, enjoy the sun, beach and sea…
I’m a picking shells kind of a girl and Dubai has some of the greatest shells!
After some fun in the sun, we went to the apartment and and got ourselves ready. Then we took Moms car and went to Atlantis to take our first geocache in Dubai. This is what it looks like when we geocache – our tools…
Atlantis really is a beautiful hotel.
Then we made our way home, which is about a 3 minute drive, and picked up my Mom and little brother to go to the Ibn Battuta Mall.  It’s a nice mall although not as spectacular as The Dubai Mall or The Emirates Mall. 
We spent about 1 hour and 30 minutes clothes shopping for me and I found lots of clothes. Lots and Lots. So I’ve now got a whole new wardrobe. I love me some sales. 
One thing that I do love about the Ibn Battuta Mall is the ceiling in one of the center domes. I absolutely LOVE the color and patterns of the mosaic. There was a Starbucks and another cafe in the dome and I would have loved to just have a seat at the cafe and stare at the ceiling. 
After my shopping =) we went back home and rested some before Mai and Omar came over and we had dinner. My Mom had made Koshari – the Egyptian national dish – which we ALL LOVE. It’s one of my absolute favorite foods. Yum! 
After dinner Mai, Omar, Andy and I went to The Dubai Mall to see the infamous fountain. We walked around the mall and it sure is a great mall. If there were people there at ALL time I would have sat myself next to the aquarium and just watched the fishes for hours and hours. The sharks and the stingrays are amazing, as well as the John Dorie fish and all of the other smaller fish.
We intended to sit at one of the many cafés at the outside of The Dubai Mall, but unfortunetly they were totally filled. So we made our way to Starbucks, bought coffee and then went and walked around the fountain-area and sat right below Burj Kalifa (the worlds tallest building).
It was really nice to just sit there and hang out with one of my best friends, her son and my husband. The fountain was great – with the music it was really cool. 
And the Burj Kalifa watched over us all night… 

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