Att vara hundägare innebär ibland att man måste gå ut tidigt på morgonen, när solen inte ens behagat sig upp och kylan biter i kinderna. Iofs var det vi som drog upp Max imorse men vi har en fullspäckad helg framför oss…

Men när man väl kommit ut och börjat röra på sig är det otroligt skönt och det är inte fy skam när man har så vackra vidder att titta på, och Max han är såklart så gullig så det är svårt att låta bli att le.

Så, sovmorgon kanske man inte har men man får uppleva livet istället!


Andy reporting: Hunting elk, day 3, round 2

No joy on round 1. 7 roe deer, but we aren’t hunting them today. Now on to round 2 after some breakfast. And, for once, I’m in luck. I got a station just 100 meters from a good parking spot. The dog is just about ready to go. image1 (6)

Andy reporting: Hunting elk, day 3, round 1

Good morning!

Another quite long walk to my station, and, this time, in the dark. But now, when there is a bit more daylight, it looks good here.

About 30 minutes in, I had a couple of roe deers come out for a quick snack. But, we are not hunting roe deer right now, so I just enjoyed watching them eat.  We’re looking for bigger deers and elks.

image1 (5)

Andy reporting: Hunting elk, final report for day 2

image1 (4)So, finally got one. An elk bull weighing in at about 300 kg. It feels really good that we got one, we were starting to worry that we didn’t have any wild game on our grounds this year.

Another really good thing was that our puppy (almost 6 months old) got to ”meet” a killed animal for the first time, and it went really well. He was interested, I played with it and got some taste of it to. Which is all very good. So, he may yet prove to be a good dog for hunting.

Unfortunately, in order for me to put Max on the elk’s track, I was forced to wade through a large ditch. So, I got really wet. Let’s hope everything dries overnight.

We’ve had our dinner and are now off to bed.

Andy reporting: Hunting elk, day 2 round 3

image1 (3)


After some goulash for lunch, we are back at it again. I got the short straw again and got the most distant location. Just a quarter of a mile, but up a quite steep hill. However, I found about 1 liter of chanterelles. Let’s see how the hunting will work out.