Mono-Use Monday: French Fry Holder

And it’s Monday again…

This time on MU Monday, it’s a product that probably is used 100 times more in the US than it would ever be used in Sweden, since Swedes don’t really do the whole drive and eat thing – I’ve done it once or twice when I’ve been in a hurry, but then I don’t bother with hard to eats food such as french fries, I keep to a burger. I saw this product first at Serious Eats and I must say I was amazed, cause it is just a dumb product. The product in question is a French Fry holder for your car, even equiped with a little ketchup cup.

Firstly: You shouldn’t be eating when driving, it is a serious risk to both your self and other drivers.

Secondly: If you must be eating and driving, must you be eating french fries or can’t you eat them another time. Who needs the hassel and the mess.
Thirdly: Laying of the french fries is just good for everyone right? Thats what I thought.

According to Improvments Catalog where you can buy the holder it makes driving safer. Sure it does, but isn’t it safer all together NOT to eat fries in your car? Sorry, this is just stupid and shouldn’t be sold – at all.

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