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Lunch @ Strandcaféet in Ljugarn

Gotland 2010 – day 14

After the mosquito massacre, of the century, Andy and I woke up with welts the size of Mount Everest everywhere. It was insane, all night there was a buzzing – and we turned on the light and killed a few little bastards and then we tried to sleep. A night of hell…

We took the road north and went to towards Fårö. After stopping at the store for some re-inforcements, we took the ferry over and set sails towards the north. We were in search for a beach as well as visiting my relatives, Ove & Lillis (my dad’s cousin), as well as my second cousin Fia with her twins Ella and Matilda and my second cousin Anna and her boyfriend Rickard.

We called and sms, but since they had no mobile coverage at  home or at their beach, we couldn’t get a hold of them. So we drove around a bit, in hope of finding their cottage (that we had visited a couple of times, 3 years ago) or see their cars – but alas.

After looking for a while, it was time for lunch and we decided to go to Ebbas. It’s right next door to my favorite store, Ebbes. We were both slightly tired and cranky as well as hungry so we ordered a burger each.

Unfortunely the burger, kosting 89 kr, was a store bought patty, store bought bread and over-deep-fried (read burnt) french fries. And I’m of the notion that if you pay more than McDonalds prices for the burger, at least the patty can be made from ground beef or that the bread is something special. However they did have a fairly diverse salad on the plate as well with red onion, red kindey beans, chick peas, tomatoes, cucumber slices and lettuce. That was a plus!

After dinner we deceded to go down to the beach, it was nice weather and the sun was shining, however, we wanted to go down to the beach wherer my relatives have their cottage – if we were lucky they might have been there…

So we drove around looking for the beach, that has no signs from the main road. The beach is called Norsta Aurar and is Fårös nicest beach, partially because you can’t go there by car. Where ever you park you still have to walk about 2-300 m.

The beach is beautifully white and wide and really long. It’s an amazing walk if you walk from one side to the other.

We went swiming – but it was alot colder today, about 17-18 C and it was too cold for me. But we were in about 20 minutes, jumping in the MUCH smaller waves, than the other day. Then I went up and layed down and sunbathed while Andy kept on jumping in the waves.

Unfortunely we didn’t see my relatives on the beach. But after a little while, at around 17, it was just too cold to stay on the beach so we went back to the car.

I love the trees in Gotland.

After a couple of minutes we got an sms from Ove, and we decided to turn around and go back to them, after a few directions. We had actually looked at the right house when we were out looking for the cottage – but since we didn’t see their cars.

When we got there we were invited in for dinner, lovely homemade lamb burgers with garlic and haloumi. They were really delicious.

Then the rest of the evening was spent, playing cards (something that my whole family loves doing) and laughing. It’s great to be among family =)

We had absolutly NO telephone coverage here – that’s why the bloging is somewhat late and that no one can reach us. We slept outside Ove & Lillis cottage for the night.

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Dinner @ Ove & Lillis

Lamb burgers with haloumi.

Lunch @ Ebbas on Fårö

My ”almost” dog Lajka

This is the dog that Andy and I found on the beach. In my mind her name is Lajka and she loves me 😉

Be safe little one, your owner seemed lika a really nice man, but if you want to move our house is always open!


Evening @ Stenkusten

My newest addition to my collection

A black lamm skin purse from Feel, bought att Ebbes on Fårö. It's soooo soft… I <3!

One of my favorite stores on Fårö


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