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    A walk in the sunshine

    När snön vräker ner och blåsten viner i träden tycker jag att vi tar och drömmer oss tillbaka till en av de finare fast kallaste dagarna i vinter. En promenad med Adde på Kallfors golfbana med solen i ansiktet var inte helt dumt, fast det var riktigt kyligt.

    //When the snow is  pounding down and the wind is rushing through the trees outside I’d like to look back to the most beautiful although coldest days of the winter. A walk with my baby on the Kallfors golf course with the sun in our faces was nice, but cold as can be. //

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    Sunday morning

    We woke up around 8 and cozied in bed for a while before we decided to take a walk in the beautiful winter weather. The sun was shining, the landscape crisped white and just brilliant.


    We walked around the golf course and by the time we were done we were freezing and needed to warm ourselves quickly. We made brunch and continued watching the movie, we started yesterday and had warm coffee, soft boiled eggs, warm grilled cheese and pineapple. Yum.


    A great start to this Sunday…

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    We woke up early eventhough we came ”home” to My In-laws late. Adde was going skeet shooting so we got up together and made him breakfast. Andy’s Mom was up already, so we had some tea together before Andy left. It was slightly chilly… -21 C.

    But it sure was a beautiful morning…

    Andy sent a beautiful picture from the road, beautiful BUT cold as hell…

    Andy’s parents and I had breakfast and talked about anything and everything. I spent the morning taking pictures of the beautiful White landscape and spending time with My In-laws…






    When Andy came home, he was slightly cold from quite a few hours in the – 21 C degree day… Andy’s mom had made Kroppkakor, Andy’s favorite food. A kind of Swedish potato-dumpling with bacon, onion and All spice-mixture. Served with lingon berry jam, melted butter and blackpepper. So yummy!

    And because of the cold we had a roaring fire going.

    And a chocolate pannacotta for desert. Yummy x2.

    We showed Andy’s parents pictures from our trip to Egypt this Christmas with layover Istanbul. Lots of beautiful things to show and talk about. And since Andy’s parents were in Egypt for our wedding 2008, we wanted to tell them about my family in Egypt and so on.

    Then we packed up or stuff, said goodbye to Andy’s parents and went back home. We stopped at the store and went home to watch a movie, The Illusionist and have a night.


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