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Andy reporting: Hunting elk, day 3, round 2

No joy on round 1. 7 roe deer, but we aren’t hunting them today. Now on to round 2 after some breakfast. And, for once, I’m in luck. I got a station just 100 meters from a good parking spot. The dog is just about ready to go. image1 (6)

Andy reporting: Hunting elk, day 3, round 1

Good morning!

Another quite long walk to my station, and, this time, in the dark. But now, when there is a bit more daylight, it looks good here.

About 30 minutes in, I had a couple of roe deers come out for a quick snack. But, we are not hunting roe deer right now, so I just enjoyed watching them eat.  We’re looking for bigger deers and elks.

image1 (5)

Andy reporting: Hunting elk, final report for day 2

image1 (4)So, finally got one. An elk bull weighing in at about 300 kg. It feels really good that we got one, we were starting to worry that we didn’t have any wild game on our grounds this year.

Another really good thing was that our puppy (almost 6 months old) got to ”meet” a killed animal for the first time, and it went really well. He was interested, I played with it and got some taste of it to. Which is all very good. So, he may yet prove to be a good dog for hunting.

Unfortunately, in order for me to put Max on the elk’s track, I was forced to wade through a large ditch. So, I got really wet. Let’s hope everything dries overnight.

We’ve had our dinner and are now off to bed.

Andy reporting: Hunting elk, day 2 round 3

image1 (3)


After some goulash for lunch, we are back at it again. I got the short straw again and got the most distant location. Just a quarter of a mile, but up a quite steep hill. However, I found about 1 liter of chanterelles. Let’s see how the hunting will work out.


Andy reporting: Hunting elk, day 2, round 1

image1 (2)


Good morning!

Another early morning, the dog wanted to snuggle so he woke me up at 0330, but we both got about another hour worth of sleep after that. Then we woke again at 0445 and it was about time to get up anyways    . So, took the dog for a walk, and there was some frost and just about freezing. The forecast looks good and we’re hoping for a good day of hunting.

I just got to my first location for the day, the sun will come up in about an hour. There’s some fog, but not to bad.

Andy reporting: Hunting elk, day 1, rounds 4 and 5



We kept a high pace today and managed to get 2 short rounds in after the main round (round 3) after lunch. However, we had no luck finding any animals at all. At least, no animals that we are hunting right now. A couple of guys saw a total of 13 roe seers and 1 fox, but nothing more exciting than that.

So, after dinner we are all very tired and are heading to bed. Good night!

Andy reporting: Hunting elk, day 1, round 3


”No joy” on round 2 either. Now we just started round 3 after some lunch. The weather is still fair and we’re hoping for some action.

image1 (1)


Andy reporting: Hunting elk, day 1, round 2



Hi there!

The weather is behaving well. Mostly overcast but no rain an about 10-12 degrees (C).

I drew the short straw and got the long walk this time. About a mile through wetlands. Not fun, but a good workout.

It’s very pretty here in this mosquito infested wetlands:


The dogs has past me already, so it’s not very exciting now, but one never knows. Something could have doubled back and be on its way towards me.

Not looking forward to the walk back.

Andy reporting: Hunting elk, day 1, round 1

image1 (2)


Good morning!

After two or three days of crappy weather, we seem to be in luck. It’s about 7-8 degrees (C) and almost blue skies.

We got up at 5 AM, met up with the others at 6 to get our assignments. At 0630 the season officially started (1 hour before sunrise). Everything is quite damp, which is very good for when we get the dogs out for round two. Right now we are seven shooters spread out and sitting stationary, and we will be at our stations for about 2 hours before meeting up again for breakfast and new assignments.

I just heard on the radio that a neighboring team shot an elk calf, so there are definitely some animals out and about.

For now, I’ll get myself some coffee and enjoy this beautiful morning! Talk to you in a bit!

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