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    Andy reporting: Hunting elk, day 1, round 1

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    Good morning!

    After two or three days of crappy weather, we seem to be in luck. It’s about 7-8 degrees (C) and almost blue skies.

    We got up at 5 AM, met up with the others at 6 to get our assignments. At 0630 the season officially started (1 hour before sunrise). Everything is quite damp, which is very good for when we get the dogs out for round two. Right now we are seven shooters spread out and sitting stationary, and we will be at our stations for about 2 hours before meeting up again for breakfast and new assignments.

    I just heard on the radio that a neighboring team shot an elk calf, so there are definitely some animals out and about.

    For now, I’ll get myself some coffee and enjoy this beautiful morning! Talk to you in a bit!

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