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    Middle Earth vs Romania

    This makes you think, no? I like the LotR series quite a bit, but unfortunetly I’m unable to read the books, they are just way to detailed and in the lack of a better word – boring. I’m sorry! I’d love to read them, since I love the story and the movies are brilliant. My favorite is the first one, The Fellowship of the Ring, but the rest of them are great too. And now that the Bilbo-story is out, I’m loving them even more…

    While watching the movies, I’m always in awe of the scenery and yes, I do know that the movies are made in New Zeeland, and Oh My, would I love to go there! But these pictures below do make me think about where the ideas for some of the scenes came from. It sure is closer to Romania than New Zeeland. =)

    Middle Earth vs Romania - Imgur

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