EFIT & Fem en fredag

    Idag gör vi en fusion av blogginlägg pga tidsbrist! Som ni kanske märkt var det länge sedan jag bloggade och det är helt enkelt pga tidsbrist då vi i slutet av semestern (förra veckan) la om vårt tak och sen…

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    Canada day 11

    Ah, after our really long drive from Niagra Falls yesterday, none of us were especially wired. We just wanted to sleep, for a really long time, but I guess our bodies didn’t want the same, since we woke up quite…

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    Canada day 15

    Ah what a nights sleep! Excellent – I love these old houses with great nooks and cranies to investigate. And the view over the bay is breathtaking. An early morning with spectacular views from bed and just waiting for morning…

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    Good morning day 15

    On todays schedual whale watching And it seems like it’s going to be a beautiful day! Location:McKown St,Boothbay Harbor,USA

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    Canada day 14

    Being our last day in North Conway we needed to get up early to make the most of our day as well as make it to our next destination of Boothbay Harbor for the Fourth of July parade. Our first…

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    Canada day 13

    An early morning today since we wanted to make sure that we had both time for some sightseeing in the North Conway (NC) area as well as shopping in the Outlets. The view from our balcony, unfortunetly the weather seemed…

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    Canada day 12

    Off on a new adventure, this time together with my In-laws. We’re off to the U.S to do some shopping, see the sights and visit Boothbay Harbor (one of their favorite stops) for the 4th of July. We were off…