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TisdagsTema v51: Förberedelser

Ja nu i jultider så är det väl mycket förberedelser? Mat, pynt och klappar. Eller finns det kanske något annat ni förbereder er för? Fram med kamerorna och visa!

Vi förbereder faktiskt inte så mycket för julen just nu. Det görs lite senare och så har mamma förberett allt redan – snacka om att vi bara glassar =) Så vi anstränger oss med att förbereda frukost för en lång dag på stranden och träffande av kompisar – lagom på semestern eller hur?

Frukost på balkongen – rostat bröd med ägg och roumi ost (en stark egyptisk hårdost) samt mammas ”hälsobröd” med ost och rostbiff. Inte helt tokigt =)

Tuesdays Challenge is preparation, and most off us are probably prepairing for Christmas but since we’re at Mom’s and Dad’s we don’t really have to do that much, my Mom had sone quite alot already. So we prepair by eating a hardy breakfast since we have a hard day at the beach as well as seeing friends on the schedual today =) Hard work to be on vacation =)

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Fabrikens v51

1500 inlägg – en liten fanfar kanske =)

Fabrikens Tisdagstema v 51 är Julglimtar från mitt hem men eftersom vi inte är hemma utan i Dubai och hälsar på mamma och pappa så får jag ta Julglimtar från deras hem. Mamma är gillar julen och pyntar och står i – men det är ju onekligen så att det är rätt svårt att punta bort Burj el Arab i bakgrunden =)

Fabriken tuesday challenge is to show Christmas glimpses from you home, but since we are in Dubai at my parents house I’ll be showing the picture from my Moms decorating. My mom decoreates the house for Christmas, but it sure is hard to remove the Burj el Arab in the background =)

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Dubai 2010 – Day 0 & Day 1

Our trip to Dubai started at four a.m. by driving my in-laws to the Linköping Airport for their trip back to Canada. What we realized when we woke up was that it had snowed between five to ten cm during the night and that meant snow shoveling. Unfortunely the communal snow plowers had no time to shovel the road so the first part of the trip was slightly interesting. Snow everywhere and more snow coming…

After dropping the in-laws at the airport with time to spare, we set of home. An interesting trip back since we’d been gone, there had been about a increase of two to four cm of snow… Back home we packed the last of the stuff in our suitcase and ate breakfast with my brother-in-law. Then we all got into the car and headed for Norrköping to drop him off at the train station.

Making good time we set of towards Stockholm to pick up my little brother as well as pick up the last stuff in the house. Realizing that the snow kept falling and at any time that chaos could start, we tried to make the stop as short as possible.

We set of towards Arlanda Airport (north of Stockholm) and sure enough the snow kept falling but  it all went well and all of our extra time wasn’t needed at all.

At Arlanda we realized that the snow fall was much worse than we actually realized since about five flights to London, Amsterdam, Zurich and Frankfurt had been cancelled. And lots of delays were starting to appear on the flight board… The airport was jammed-packed with travelers, some happy some disappointed, but I have never seen that many people there before… It was slightly insane. But our trip seemed to be OK – so far so good.

We checked in our three large luggage, with about 400 g to spare =) and went through security and sat down at a café to have lunch before our flight would take off. When we had started to eat on our giant shrimp and sandwich / Räklandgång we noticed that our flight had been delayed by 20 minutes. Not too bad, since the weather was the way it was…

Then the second delay came and then the third delay and then all of a sudden the flight was delayed until 17.10, an hour and fifteen minutes. So it was time for a coffee and some more reading. And by this time I was really bored. We hoped that we would reach our connecting flight and when we checked, they had delayed the connecting flight with a couple of hours – so that was good for us.

At around 17.30 we finally took off towards Kiev, with AeroSvit and the trip was your basic flight, although we had massive amounts of leg room – which was nice. We were served sandwiches with salami and cheese and to be quite honest they were fine. Much better than regular airplane food.

In Kiev, we were transported via buss to the terminal and, the 30 some passengers traveling to Dubai were caught by airport staff and brought through security and then out to the waiting plane. It took us maybe 20 minutes and we were off again.

The flight to Dubai was much worse. The leg room was better for me, since I was sitting at the exit, but next too me was a really unpleasant man that made me angry and brought me to tears. Andy and Tim sat in different rows but after some time and the unpleasant man moved, Andy came and sat with me. I also made a new friend named Ali, who was really nice and made me feel like a person after the unpleasant man had made me cry. Also other passengers on the plane were really nice – it felt good to know that there are some really nice people in the world. Andy and I sat together and I calmed down enough to be able to sleep for maybe an hour.

It was actually really good that the flight was delayed to Dubai, since it meant that my Dad, who came to pick us up, didn’t have to get up at two a.m. but instead five a.m. Passport control and baggage collection went swiftly and of we went to meet my Dad at arrival.

We drove home through a barely awakened Dubai and the moon welcomed us back. To changed it up a little my parents have moved since we were last in Dubai, so we took another exit towards Palm Jumeirah.

At home my Mom had prepared breakfast on the balcony and it was really nice to see both my Mom and Dad as well as their new apartment and their amazing view. I hope you wont get sick of it, because I’ll be showing a lot of it =) We unpacked all our  Swedish goodies and our clothes and although exhausted, since we hadn’t slept more than 1 hour the whole trip, Andy and I decided to stay up and hang out with my Mom, while my Dad went to work.

Although we didn’t last long. We took a small 1 hour nap and after a quick sandwich lunch and sending off my Mom to work, we made our way down to the beach…

The water was cold at first, but really nice and pleasant after a while. The beach is private so only residents can access it and therefore the problems we had last time we were in Dubai, with gawkers, is gone. The water was azure blue and the sun warm – everything was perfect!

After about 2 hours at the beach, we need to slightly careful in the sun – since I always burn, we made our way to the apartment and noticed that Mom had been home, but left again. So we tried to stay awake but fell asleep and slept for a couple of hours, and were awakened by my Dad coming home. 

We started making dinner ready, my Mom had brought home grilled fish, which is both Andy and my favorite Egyptian foods and she served it with fried pike fillets, rice, salad and red onion in vinegar. A real Egyptian feast. 

After dinner, we rolled towards the boardwalk outside the apartment for a walk. It was a beautiful night and we saw that the Beckham’s seemed to have a party at their house =) The rest of the evening we spent on the balcony taking pictures and drinking coffee. 

At around nine p.m. Andy and I went to bed and slept incredibly well…

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Morning has broken

Downtown Dubai from the balcony.
Burj Dubai & Burj Khalifa in the distance.
The beach outside my parents appartment on Palm Jumeirah. Looks inviting, huh =)
Sun rise.

On the way home…

…to Palm Jumeirah.

In Dubai

The flight is delayed…

So were taking a coffee, reading the paper and just chillin'. The snowstorm outside seems to be trying to halt our trip to warmer climates…


Towards the airport

Snow storm.

Information om Dubai

Denna resa till Dubai blir min femte. Mina föräldrar har bott och jobbat där i 2 omgångar; första omgången hösten 2004-våren 2006 och då var min lillebror med och nu andra gången hösten 2008-nu. Och första gången besökte jag Dubai, november 2004, andra gången var december 2004 och sen tredje gången var maj 2005 tillsammans med mina sysslingar Fia och Panna, samt deras föräldrar OP och Lillis. Nästa resa blev julen 2008 tillsammans med Adde och lillebror. 
Med andra ord borde jag känna att jag vet väldigt mycket om staden och till viss del gör jag det men jag tänkte att du kunde vara lite roligt med ren och skär stads information om Dubai och landsinformation om Förenade Arab Emiraten. 
Förenade Arab Emiraten (N24°28 E54°22) är ett land som är uppbyggt av 7 emirater. En Emirat är en politisk region som styrs av en monark som kallas emir, oftast i muslimska länder. De 7 emiraterna är Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah och Umm al-Quwain. Abu Dhabi är störst både till ytan (67,340 m2 jämfört med 3,885 m2 i Dubai) och population. 
Förenade Arab Emiraten (FAE) ligger på Arabiska halvön i Persiska gulfen, med grannländer som Saudi Arabien och Oman. Den officiella religionen är Islam och det officiella språket är Arabiska. FAE har världens 7 största oljereserv, med 15.6 * 10^9 m3.
Det som kallas Dubai idag, skapades 1971. Och 1979 byggdes en Free Trade Zone hamn i Jebel Ali, Dubai som gjorde Dubai till ett ställe där alla världens företag kunde importera och exportera varor utan restiktioner.   Detta skapade inkomster för landet tillsammans med dess massiva mängder olja. För ett par år sedan var Dubai ett av världens rikaste länder och inget stod i deras väg. De byggde fantastiska byggnadsverk som t.ex. Burj al Arab, Atlantis, The Palm Jumeirah, The World och nu senast Burj Khalifa (tidigare, Burj Dubai – världens högsta byggnad). 
Ett av världens lyxigaste ställen helt klart. I samband med den världens ekonomiska kris har även Dubai känt av effekterna och därmed har de slopat många projekt t.ex. The World.  Nu har storebrorsan Abu Dhabi tagit över lyxstämpeln – med råge – i alla fall i världens ögon, Abu Dhabi har alltid varit lyxigare enligt Emiraterna. 
Dubai har fantastiska långa vita stränder, med den Arabiska gulfens otroligt klara vatten att bada i. Runt om staden finns den otroliga sanden från Arabiska öknen. Och staden är en omväxlande och fenomenal kärna med allt man kan önska sig i shoppingväg och resturanger. Det finns inte speciellt många museer och annat kulturellt men en båttur längst med Dubai Creek är väldigt mysigt. Även åka skidor i riktig snö kan man göra i Dubai Mall.
Temperaturen är ganska hög med hög luftfuktighet. Ett land där det kan bli extremt varm och extremt kallt i öknen. Nästan inget regn behöver man oroa sig för heller.
Det finns massor att skriva om staden och landet – men jag tror att ni har fått en liten inblick i landet och är ni mer intresserade så finns det massor av information här
This trip to Dubai will be my 5th. My parents have lived in Dubai two sets of time and each time I’ve visited them. This post is about UAE and Dubai – some information that might be helpful in visiting. And more will come, but if you are interested in the information you can read all about it here
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