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Breakfast – Mozzarella and sun dried tomato panini

Breakfast – Coffee

Breakfast – Vanilla Latte


Dubai 2010 – Day 7

After waking up to the clearest morning since we came to Dubai – we even saw Burj Kalifa, we ate a quick breakfast and got going together with my Dad and Little brother. We started going towards the border of Oman, saw the Big Red Dune to see the country a bit more and then we drove towards Al Sharja and towards Ajman. We ended up in Ajman for lunch at City Center and then we drove back home. On the way back it started to rain for about 10-20 seconds and then it stopped. Once at home we made dinnerBBQ. When written like this it really didn’t seem like we did anything – but both Andy and I were really very tired when we got home, so the bed called us in early…

Filtering and muddling the beach outside the apartment, done wévery other day to keep the sand nice and fresh as well as soft.
 The red desert close by The Big Red Dune.
 The Oman mountains and a much different terrain to the Dunes.
 Different terrain again.
 Al Sharja – but no one knows where Al Sharja ends and Ajman starts.
 The truck queue on the way back home on The Bypath – also known as the Old Truck Road. The queue went on for miles and miles and miles… it was really insane…
 A 12 lane highway – I only wish we had that in Sweden….
 The 10 second rain…
When we got home it was still really light out and you could see all the lights of Dubai. It really is a beautiful city. 

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Pressed potatoes and grilled entrecote with bearneise sauce and garlic butter.

Ikväll blir det grillning

Today we're BBQ-ing.

Burj Kalifa

Picture: Copyright Adde. 

Idag är det riktigt klart ute – så klart att vi ser Burj Kalifa från balkongen. Ser ni den? Det är den som är den långa smala saken lite till höger om mitten av bilden. Världens högsta byggnad – 828 meter hög. Detta får bli min söndagsbild för Inspirationsfabriken idag – det är inte så mycket inredning på gång i mitt liv just nu…

It’s really a clear day today and we can see Burj Kalifa from the balcony. Can you see it? It’s the really tall and skinny thing, to right of the middle of the picture. The worlds tallest buildning – 828 meters.

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Karoleen – Photographer © 2005-2010 All Rights Reserved.
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Dubai 2010 – Day 3

Today started with a quick trip down to the beach to sit in the sun for an hour or so before we, Andy, Little brother and I, got picked up by Mai and her son Omar, to go and have breakfast at Shakespeare and Co, at Park’n’Stop Jumeirah.

It is a really nice restaurant that serves breakfast. lunch and dinner and it’s really worth the visit. Set in a Afternoon Tea kind of an atmosphere, with period furniture and baked goods such as macaroons and crumpets – make sure your hungry when you go there, since the portions are quite large.

In ordering there are a couple of menu options with both food and drinks, with a few choices or you can combine as you choose. Before your order is received they give you a breakfast starter.

My breakfast

Andys breakfast

After breakfast we were so full that we hardly could move – but we got into the car and went off to The Dubai Mall for some last minute Christmas shopping.

The Dubai Mall is situated close by the base of the worlds tallest building, Burj Kalifa, 828 m. It’s the Middle East largest mall and it has EVERYTHING. All the largest and most well know brands have stores there and all the coffee shops have cafés there.

We walked around the mall and tried to do both some Christmas shopping and some shopping for us. We found, or Mai showed us a new bookstore and I’m sorry to say, Mother-in-law, this bookstore is better than Canadian Indigo =(. Books Kinokuniya is a Japanese bookstore chain that has every book on the planet – it seems and I’ve never ever seen such a massive amount of Manga and Comic books. Andy and I, were in heaven and found lots of books that we wanted. How come we buy so many books when we are abroad? It’s heavy to bring home, why don’t we ever learn? After spending more than an hour browsing all the shelfs, I could have browsed for hours more, Little brother told us that it was time to start heading out. But we decided to  have a coffee break at Kino’s Café inside the bookstore. The view from the café was really beautiful, to the right the Burj Kalifa and all across the water fountain that apparently is a show at night.

They also had a balcony where one could sit but unfortunelty the door was locked. But I’d imagine sitting out there would have been awesome! This café is a perfect serine location where apparently many come to study or relax. I’d would have loved this place in Sweden.

The decor was very Japanese, with lots of earth elements and plants, and I loved some of the furniture – I’m going to make Andy make one of the dividers that they had used…

I ordered a mango smoothie and it was really good – not to sweet, but with plenty of mango taste. They had the coolest brewers for coffee.

We made our way back to the car and started on our trip home. Once we got home we had a coffee with my Mom whom had returned from work and then we helped her to make dinner. Once my Dad came home we sat down to eat.

After dinner we started with some of the preparations for the Christmas dinner on the 24th, since in Sweden one celebrates Christmas on the 24th of December. We made the herring and the beet salad and tomorrow there is lots more to be done. Mai and Omar left after a while and we’ve spent the evening relaxing with books, computers or talking.

Karoleen – Photographer © 2005-2010 All Rights Reserved.
Contact me at mail@karoleen.se .
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