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My lounge chair and I

…are sunbathing in the beautiful june-weather. It’s one of those I-am-pround-to-be-Swedish days…

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Brilliant weather

Sunshine and warmth… Ah!

And a lovely breeze and lots of sunshine…

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A great evening with a million laughs…

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Lots of laughs…

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We have arrived…

We’ve made camp at the top of a hill and are praying for more wind so that the nats might leave us alone.

Now a glas wine and some food and we’ll be golden.

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And we’re off…

Småland (a ”what-could-be-called-a-state” in the south of Sweden) here we come…

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En kopp cappucchino innan vi åker. Chefen fixar till en läcker kopp kaffe 🙂

A brewed cup cappucchino for the road…

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Hos familjen J packas det för fullt. Vi åker neråt tillsammans med 1 husbil och en husvagn 🙂

@ The J’s and packing for our little minication. 🙂

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On the road again

Vi tar en liten semestertur med husbilen ner till jaktmarken med chefen och JayJay.

We’re taking a little mini vacation, minication?, with the J’s to our hunting grounds.

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På väg söderut

Snart hemma igen.

Almost home.

/Karoleen via my iPhone

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