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    Saturday morning

    We’ve gotten up early, Andy at around 6 a.m. and me at around 7 a.m. And we decided to have breakfast in town before going to the J-family at around 10 a.m. It’s a beautiful morning with the sun shining…

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    Last Thursday we had dinner plans with Chefen and JayJay at Texas Longhorn. I had never been before but I was impressed, the food was really quite nice. We arrived for dinner to a semi empty restaurant, I guess Thursday…

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    Helgen i samband med Nationaldagen så åkte vi iväg på en minication med Familjen J till jaktmarken. Vi tog Harmy och de tog deras husvagn. Det blev 4 vuxna och 2 tonåringar med på resan. Det var en ganska lagom…

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    We switched Harmy for Ookami and are now driving towards town. It’s soooo hot and it feels like that it isn’t letting of at all… BUT I’m not in any way complaining -it’s perfect sunner weather but I’d love a…

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    We got back to our new camp site right by a lake and proceeded to have some coffee and cinnamon buns in the evening sun. /Karoleen via my iPhone

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    We’ve moved camp close to a beautiful lake. And just getting The J’s camper down the wooded road was a feat in it’s self… Then we took the car into Vimmerby to fill up on supplies. We’re 6 adults and…