• Swedish,  X-mas

    Advent Sunday

    Unfortunetly the weather isn’t at all indicative of this time of year. These couple of weeks before Christmas are the favorite of many a Swede and tightly so, it’s the cosiest time of year!

  • Food,  Swedish

    Cinnamon scented house

    The whole house smells of cinnamon, a lovely homey smell. I love it! We just finnished baking about 60 or so Swedish cinnamon buns. Beautifully soft and sweet buns, that are probably the BEST baked good EVER!

  • Food,  Swedish

    Kanelbullens dag

    The 4th of October is Kanelbullens dag or the Cinnamon bun day. The best way to celebrate would be to eat lots and lots of beautiful homemade kanelbullar… Waiting for the oven Might as well be making lots of them…

  • Adde,  Food,  In-laws,  Swedish

    Crayfish party

    Obviously, this being Sweden and August we did make sure to have a Crayfish Party, be it small with 4 people, but we did have one… I love Crayfish or at is called in Sweden Kräftor. These are usually fished…